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Aron Katz asked:

If the carpenter has three planers and no saws, do we leave him the third planer to be able to purchase a saw, or do we say "just like he sufficed without the saw until now he should continue without a saw"?

Also, why do we leave him money (acc. to Rashi) to purchase a bed and tefilin, shouldn't we say "just like he sufficed without one until now..."?

Aron Katz, Baltimore, MD, USA

The Kollel replies:

Although I did not find anyone who specifically discusses this, I would suggest that even if he had no saw, we would not buy him one, for the Gemara writes that he was managing untill now by borrowing.

The bed and Tefilin are considered "life," while tools of a trade are considered life only if one has them and uses them.

D. Zupnik

Aron Katz comments:

I looked today in a sefer called Avodah Temimah and it brought from the Nemukei Yosef like you wrote. The NY was medayik from the Mishna that says we leave him with what he has (when he has three planers and one saw), which is mashma even if he has no saw, we don't sell the third planer to purchase for him a saw.

Aron Katz