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1. Are trees possesions? 2. נותן זרע חומר שעורים

Mirko asked:

Dear rabbi,

If I may, I have one question for you. Erchin, page 14b says: 'If he has not redeemed them (sc.trees) they do not return to the owner at Jubilee. - What is the reason? - 'And he shall return unto his possesion', says the Divine Law, but no trees.'

Consequently trees are not a possesion, but why? In the "Questions and Answers" on Dafyomi pages (which I highly appreciate, it's great work!) rabbi Eliezer Chrysler wrote: "If the owner failed to redeem them before the Yovel, they do not revert to him when the Yovel arrives, since it is only *fields* that go back in the Yovel, and trees are not called fields." But Divine Law says: 'possesion', not 'fields'?

Thank you for your time.

Shalom, Mirko

The Kollel replies:

"Achusah," which is the word the Torah uses here, does not mean "possession." It is better translated as "birthright" or "foothold" -- that is, the inherited portion one has received in Eretz Yisrael. Trees, which eventually die are not continually passed on from father to son, are not included.

D. Zupnik