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1. Point made about Shechitah by Rebbi Meir 2. פטור מלכסות/ למעוטי עוף

eliesar cohen asked:

What is Rabbi MEir trying tos ay when he has the discussion witht he other sages about the purpose of schetiech. Rebbi Meir is of the opinion the schetieh is done so that the animal would not become a nevielah not really for eating. The sages disagree with him , but at the end of the discussion they agree that sages accept Rebbi Meir Meir's opinion that schetiech is not for the purpose of eating but for the purpose of ensuring tha the animal does not become a nevalieh? Then why do we have to do schieteh if we accept rebbei Meir"s opinion and what would be rebbi Meir's reasoning for this especially if numerous poeple did not come into contact with nevaliah esepcially after the downfalol of the sceond Bas Hamedosh?

eliesar cohen, newtonville, mass. 02460

The Kollel replies:

The Machlokes in the Gemara does not pertain to every Shechitah. It pertains only to a Shecitah she'Einah Re'uyah, where in any case the meat is not permitted. The question is if the Shechitah is considered a Shecitah for other Halachos, such as Oso v'Es Beno or Kisuy ha'Dam.