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Martin Swartz asked:

Why is the aggada of the remez in the Torah to Haman, Esther, and Mordechia (and to Moshe in Sefer Breishis) brought here, during the discussion of Shiluach HaKan? Or for that matter, why just after the question of the status of a "Kan" if found upon a person's head? I looked in the Ein Ya'akov, the Maharshah, and the Maharal, and couldn't find an answer. Any ideas??

The Kollel replies:

Apparently the Gemara discusses this here simply because Papuna'i, who asked Rav Masna a question about Shilu'ach ha'Ken a line back, continued to ask Rav Masna the following Agadic questions. The Gemara preserves the entire discussion as it originally took place.

The Darshanim do suggest more specific connections between the various questions of Papuna'i, each in his own way.

BE well,