moshe asked:

How do we reconcile Shitas Harambam in Peirush Hamishnaiyus and the others, with the Halacha of Makirei Kehuna? We see the Gemara says on Daf 133a that if there's a Talmud Chacham that is poor the Kohen can be Mezakeh him with the Matonos. Rashi says it means Zeroah AND Lecho'aim, (Maybe he leaves out Keiva to teach us not to give everything to one Kohen?), and in the next Rashi it says that most people used to give all their Matonos to this Kohen.

moshe, brooklyn, U.S.A.

The Kollel replies:

I am not sure what the difficulty is that you wish to reconcile.

The Halachah of giving to the Ani Talmid Chacham is limited to a case of Makirei Kehunah, for if it is not Makirei Kehunah, the Kohen needs to be Zocheh in the Matanos before they can be given to the Yisrael, or else there has not been a Kiyum of the Mitzvah of Nesinah.

Rashi does not say that they gave him all of the Matanos; he says that they gave him Matanos. This is not a contradiction with the directive not to give all the Matanos to one Kohen but rather to split them up. Nevertheless, the Yisrael gave to this Kohen regularly, as much as was proper, and therefore the Kohen need not be Zocheh in order to pass it on to the Yisrael.

D. Zupnik