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1. Ma'aseh Shabbos aliba d'Rebbi Yehudah 2. Rashi, Lo Amrah Torah 3. ונאמר להלן ולא יהיה קדש

Uri Levi asked:

Why does food cooked on Shabbos fall into the category Tiavti Lach? (in the Kashya of the Gemara). Bishlama aliba d'Rebbi Yochanan (Chullin 15a) who learns issur olamis, but ha gufa R. Yehuda DOES NOT assur the food to others.

Uri Levi, Brooklyn,NY

The Kollel replies:

Rabbi Yehudah does hold that the food is forbidden to him forever (as stated in Chulin 15a). This is why Rashi explains the question as how can it be permitted to others if it is forbidden to him forever.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose