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Yesroel Gruber asked:

Shitas Tosfos is that because the "megupah" is not a "keli" therefoe one should make it stand by itself.

Q: What is it different then the "Keli" the "Kohen" has been "mekabel" the blood after "shchita" it had a "shem keli" on it and was not able to stand by itself because it was "meshupah" at the bottom?

Yesroel Gruber, Brooklyn, NY

The Kollel replies:

The logic of Tosfos is expressed explicitly by the Mishnah in Kelim (2:5).

Regarding your question regarding the receptacles used for Kabalas ha'Dam which were pointed on bottom and not able to stand by themselves, see the Mishnah in Kelim (2:8) which discusses the "Lapid," about which the BARTENURA and TIFERES YISRAEL write that any Keli which is normally used in such a manner -- even though it is pointed on bottom -- is Mekabel Tum'ah, and it is not comparable to the covering of a Chavis which is not normally used as a receptacle.

Mordecai Kornfeld