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ovadiah asked:

first rashi on the mishna says eventhough Torah says gdi but it means any meat even chay and uof

1. what is the exact translation of chay does it mean deer or it means any wild kosher animal

2. why EVEN chay and uof why someone would think chay and uof not considered meat

3. why does Torah say davka gdi if every type of meat is assur

thank you

ovadiah, lakewood nj

The Kollel replies:

The first Rashi explains that Basar - meat in the Mishna (not the word Gedi) includes also Chayah and Of but it might be only mid'Rabanan and not from the Torah.

1) Chayah means any wild animal as opposed to Beheimah which means domesticated animal (sometimes Beheimah includes both Chayah and Beheimah).

2) The Torah does not say Basar (meat) with milk, it says Gedi with milk. Gedi is found in the Torah as meaning kid goat (Bereishis 38:20, 27:9). It is extended to mean also the cow and sheep families (see Chulin 113b). However the Torah says concerning this "Gedi" several times which Rebbi Akiva uses to exclude Chayah and also Of since they are not Beheimos. Rav Yosi excludes only Of but includes Chayah because of a Derashah with Neveilah in the same Pasuk (see Chulin 116a).

See also Chulin 113b for more Derashos on what Gedi excludes.

All the best,

Reuven Weiner