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Gershon asked:

Forgive me if these have been covered in the DAF mailings; I'm a little behind on those.

1. What is the "recipe" for chalos, rekikin and revucha? IOW, how do they differ?

2. Rashi says that chalos todah need 1/2 log of oil. How do we know that?

3. How do we know sh'ifa and be'ita and how many times of each?

Thank you.


The Kollel replies:

1) Rekikin: One takes three and one third Isaron of Soles and separates it into ten parts. He also separates an eighth of a Lug of oil and divides it into ten parts. Each of the ten parts of Soles is mixed with water and turned into a thin wafer (which is kept from becoming Chametz). They are then baked. After the baking, one took his finger and placed the oil on the wafer until the oil was absorbed into the wafer.

Revuchah: The Revucha differs in that instead of a eigth of a Lug, a fourth of a Lug of oil is required. The oil is similarly split into ten parts, but some of each part is used to be mixed, along with the water and Soles. The wafers (which are kept from becoming Chametz) are then boiled (in what, oil or water, depends upon different statements by Rashi). The boiled dough is then shaped into a Chalah and slightly baked, and then fried in the second part of the oil belonging to each Chalah until the oil is absorbed into the Chalah (from Sefer Avodas ha'Korbanos #191-2).

2) It is a Mishnah (88b).

3) See the Mishnah (76a).

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose