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i have been going through the procedure of offering the korbanos.

with regards to the salting of korbanos, melicha, i was wondering whether you knew of a particular source. on mishnah menachos 10:4, the mahariach (in the back of tiferes yisrael mishnah) notes that perhaps there is no din of melicha by the minchas ha'omer. I also found that on that mishnah--menachos 67b-the keren orah says that there those who say that the omer and the minchas sotah as well do not require melicha.

Do you know whom the keren orah is referring too--i.e. which rishon or acharon holds that minchat kenaot of the sotah does not require melicha? ALso do you know of any others (besides mahariach) say that minchat omer doesnt require melicha?

ANy help on this issue would be greatly appreciated (as the issues appear in rishonim all over shas--menachos 18a, sotah 20a, sanhedrin 87, kiddushin 37a in tosfos ha-rosh, among others).

The Kollel replies:

I don't know who the Keren Orah was referring to. (There is a Girsa in the Mishnah there which does mention Melichah for the Omer, see Shinuyei Nuscha'os. The SEMAG -- Aseh 199 -- also mentions that the Omer needs Melichah.)

M. Kornfeld