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Marc Diamond asked:

The Rambam paskens that a mi'ut who eat cheilev based on beis din plus a mi'ut who worship avoda zara based on beis din, combine to form a rov for a chiyyuv korban. The Ra'avad and the Kesef Mishna seem to comment on his process in reaching that p'sak. Does anyone explain which korban (par/chattas or par/olah/se'ir/chattas) would be brought? Or would both be impossible, in which case they perhaps only combine to change the din of the individuals involved?

Marc Diamond, Providence, RI USA

The Kollel replies:

See Chidushei Rav Chaim ha'Levi who writes that they clearly cannot bring a Korban, and they combine with regard to becoming Patur from a Korban Yachid, as we rule that "Yachid she'Asah b'Ora'as Beis Din" is Patur.

D. Zupnik