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david asked:

on the bottom of 86b the gemorah says that rav dima related that a story happened they forogt to bring the torah.....they built temporary walls from the chutzer to the beith medrish to cut off the other houses in this chutzer, and they brought the torah via this makeshift muvie.

what bothers me and i couldnt find an answer, (usually the reason being that its a simple answer) are you allowed to carry from a chutzer into a beth medrish even if you didnt make an eiruv? so a beth medrish isnt considered a dirah (house)and wouldnt asser a chutzer?

an answer would be most appreciated.



david, Brooklyn, NY

The Kollel replies:

Dear David

Thanks for your question.

According to the Me'ir'i (Succah 16b) a Shul is not considered a Dirah and requires no Eruv. In our case there were a few houses including a Shul leading into the Chatzer (which did not have an Eruv). Problem is that since there is no Eruv it is forbidden to carry from the houses into the Chatzer, thus the Sefer Torah cannot be removed from the house where it was kept, into the Chatzer.

As you correctly pointed out there is no problem bringing the Sefer Torah into the Shul from the Chatzer, since the Shul is not a Dirah. The solution was the hanging sheets from the door of the house where the Torah was kept, to the door of the Shul. This blocked off the entrances to the other houses, leaving the Chatzer with only one entrance to a Dirah (since the Shul is not a Dirah). It was therefore permissible for them to carry the Sefer Torah to the Shul. If a Shul were considered a Dirah, the solution of the sheets wouldn't have helped since there would still be two houses open to the Chatzer, thus requiring an Eruv.

Let me just point out, that Rashi also suggests another description of the scenario, where the Shul and the house together with other houses led into a Mavui which did not have a Shituf. The sheet solution would have worked in the same manner we described above.

All the best.

Yehuda Landy