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Ben Sugarman asked:

Greetings once again from a very hot south Florida,

In eruvin 43 the Gemorah presented the question whether techum has a ceiling of ten tefachim or not. One of the nafka minas is by the case of the boat. If techum does have a ceiling then the members of the boat did not establish ther residence on the outset of shabbos being that they were ten tefachim over the floor of the ocean.

A member of the daf asked the following question. Earlier we saw that Rava maintains that the place in which a person is making his place of residence has a quasi- reshus hayachid status associated with that area, in that his makom sh'visah goes up ad-infinitum like a reshus hayachid. Would it then not follow that it would also go down infinitely like a reshus hayachid so that even if techum does have a ceiling, a person's makom sh'visah would go down into the techum to create his residence?

again, thank you for the wonderful work.

Ben Sugerman

The Kollel replies:

Interesting question.

(a) We find, however, that Rashi (33a, DH v'Hu Niskaven) implies that we make the area above ten Tefachim into a Reshus ha'Yachid only l'Hakel , where doing so would be a leniency, so that his Eruv will take effect when he placed it in Reshus ha'Yachid, but not l'Hachmir.

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