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Yossi asked:

thank you for a wonderful job

rashi explains the 5 tefach measurement of the yesod in connection with its height however its width is a six tefach measurement

if however the width of the sovav is a five tefach measurement then there should be more than two amos difference between the 32 amos yesod and 30 amos sovav ?

unless on any given level you say that the indentation uses one size amah and the covered portion a different size amah ?

The Kollel replies:

The base (Yesod) was 32 X 32 Amos. Go up one Amah, and then in one Amah, and the measurement of that area is 30 X 30. Go up 5 Amos, and then in one Amah of 5 Tefachim, and the measurement of that area -- the Sovev -- is 28 Amos and 2 Tefachim by 29 Amos and 2 Tefachim.

You are asking that this measurement (28 Amos and 2 Tefachim X 28 Amos and 2 Tefachim) is inaccurate according to the Mishnah in Midos (3:1), which says that the measurement of the Sovev is 28 X 28.

The Gemara itself (Menachos 97b) discusses this inconsistency, and concludes that when the Mishnah in Midos says that the measurement was 28 X 28, it was only approximating. (However, it cannot be that the Amah of the Sovev and Keranos were also 5 Tefachim, since then the missing Tefachim would add up to an entire Amah by the time the Mizbe'ach receded three times.)