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1. Rava and the Reish Gelusa 2. עירובין כז. תוד"ה מאן דמתני

Yeshayahu Hollander asked:

An interesting piece of information is the names of the participants in this drama: Rav Huna bar Chinena responded to the request of the Resh Galuta, Rava uprooted his "Kanim", Rav Pappa and - a student of Rava, and Rav Huna brei d'rav Yehoshua - another fellow student of Rava - removing the "Kanim" so that they could not be replaced - and then the next day "Eitivay etc." , and the questions support the point of view that the attempt of Rav Huna bar Chinena was ineffectual.

Is it not possible that the "Eitivay", is a report of the discussion between the students of Rava and Rav Huna bar Chinnena (including Ravina?) -(which took place the next day, i.e. on Shabbat itself -). It seems only natural that Rav Huna bar Chinena - and the Resh Galuta - requested an explanation of the unusual behavior of Rava and his students; yet because of Rava's exalted status as the Rosh HaYeshiva the Resh Galuta could not summon Rava, but he did summon the students - and they defended Rava's action in the debate with Rav Hina bar Chinena.

Were we to interpret thus, all the questions would disappear!

Yeshayahu Hollander - I am very appreciative of the DAF explanations and reviews!

The Kollel replies:

Yasher Kochach, it could very well be as you explain. (I understand your intention that that the word Eisevei "l'Rava" means for the sake of Rava , that is, to support him. Excellent.)