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1. A branch lower than 3 Tefachim 2. Curses of Chava

Benny Schick asked:

The gemoro discusses a root below 3 tfochim (coming from a part over 3)between Rabe and R.Sheshes (if first it went over 3 ).Both agree that in case of whole the root below 3 tfochim ,you can use it.

Q: Would the same machlokes (Rabbe/R.Sheshes)also be in case of a branch (not a root) coming out of a tree , from over 3 to lower than 3 tfochim ? There is a tsad to differ that in a case of a branch the whole beginningpoint (the tree) is starting from an issur. But from Rabbes loshen in the gemoro ,"kol"=mashma always everything below 3 tfochim is muter to use , so even in this case there would be a machlokes.

Is there anything about this "branch"-subject below 3 tfochim in Halocho ? If yes , where?

Thanks in advance.

Benny Schick, Rechovot-E-Jisroel

The Kollel replies:

The Mishnah Berurah (336:18) writes that branches have the same Halachah.

D. Zupnik