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yaakov siegel asked:

first the gemara says that shmuel holds the baal habayit must not put his bread in the basket because the purpose of the eruv is to be considered as one of the dwellers in the house, and he already is. Then it says that shmuel holds the eruv is for kinyan. how does this fit the previous sevara about being a dweller?

yaakov siegel, san diego, usa

The Kollel replies:

Rashi (DH "Eiruv") explains that Eiruv works due to the Kinyan which is made by the other people in the Chatzer by placing their Eiruv in a house. It is deemed as if they acquire part of the house where they put their Eiruv. This makes them a dweller in the house.

Kol Tuv

Yaakov Montrose