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Barry Epstein asked:

Is a non-Jew's acquisition by kesef or meshichah? My chevrusa thinks it is the opposite of a Jew's. Is he correct, and if so, why?

Barry Epstein, Dallas, USA

The Kollel replies:

Your Chavrusa is right. For the reason, see Bechoros 13a.

D. Zupnik

Barry Epstein asks:

Which way is he right? I don't have Bechoros. Is the non-Jew's acquisition by kesef or meshichah?


The Kollel replies:

There is a Machlokes among the Amora'im as to which method of aquisition works for a *Jew*, according to the Torah. (Mid'Rabanan, all agree that it was instituted that only Meshichah can acquire and Kesef cannot.) Those who maintain one works for a Jew, will say that the other works for the non-Jew.

The source for this is a verse cited in Bechoros 13a which implies that the Jew and non-Jew have *different* methods of attaining acquisition of an object.

Be well,

M. Kornfeld