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Jeno Gal asked:

Thank you for taking everyone's questions.

On this Daf the Gemora listed various refuahs for different maladies. (daf 28).

However Chizkiyahu hid the Sefer Refuahs so that people should turn to Hash-m instead of turning to a book of prescriptions, -- so why would Ravina and Rav Ashi list them when they were Mesader the Gemora?

Thank You

The Kollel replies:

There is a famous argument between Rashi and the Rambam regarding why Chizkiyahu hid the Sefer Refuos. The Rambam in Pirush Hamishnayos in Pesachim (end of chapter 4, see at length) strongly objects to Rashi's explanation (that you quoted), and says that this cannot be the reason Chizkiyahu hid the Sefer Refuos.

It is possible to say in defense of Rashi's explanation that the methods of healing from the Sefer Refuos were extremely instant and complete. This is as Rashi says, "people's hearts would not be humbled due to their sickness, as they would be healed instantly." It could be that the methods of healing mentioned in the Gemara are more laborious and would not heal instantly (especially many of them mentioned in Gitin), and therefore would give one more time to contemplate that his sickness is a sign of him having to repent. (This would also answer the Rambam's criticism of Rashi's explanation.)

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose