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David asked:

I was thinking about the gemara in Avodah Zarah 10a where Rav Yosef says that the Romans spoke a language and had books created by others.

1) What period is Rav Yosef referring to? If he is referring to the earliest days of Christianity when gospels were first written, then this would not relate to the Christians of Rome as suggested by Rashi in the censored Rashi on that gemara.

2) Furthermore, where and when is the scenario discussed by Rashi, who says that the "books written by Yochanan, Paul and Peter" were written by Jews who wanted to keep Jews away from Christians? There were many, many various books that were called evangelion and which differing sects used, and the fact that the language and books were produced by Jews in and of itself would be no guarantee that Jews would not join them.

Any thoughts on this? If it were later on, then we know that that there was no specific book written either by Peter or by Paul in the Christian NT. Thanks!


The Kollel replies:

1) The Talmud seems to be referring to Christianity itself, when it mentions Rome. Since the Holy Roman Empire accepted that as its religion, the two are often identified with each other in the Tanaic works.

2) Rashi (in the censored version) is relating a tradition preserved in many Midrashim, collectively known as "Toldot Yeshu." According to that tradition, the author/s of the gospel meant to make it clear that Christianity was a very different religion form Judaism, to prevent Jews from falling into the trap of accepting Christianity as simply a sect of Judaism, and joining their ranks.

Mordecai Kornfeld

Kollel Iyun Hadaf