Netanel Kahn asks:

In the shevuos shtayim basra the first gemara brings a mishna from nedarim that is mashma that ochilna means i will not eat while the mishna here in shevuos is clearly mashma that ochilna means i will eat. the last case the mishna from nedarim brings is lo shevua shelo ochel which rashi says its mashma ma sheochel mshelcha yehe ali bissar shavua and tosafos says that even though the mishna in nedarim is going like reb meir who doesnt hold by michlall lav ata shame hein but by shevuos he is modeh to this inyan. the rashba and the ramban are both gores lshuva shelo olech lach and don't come on to the chiddush that reb meir is modeh by nedarim. The thing i don't understand is how does this flow with the rest of the gemara? why doesnt the gemara on daf chaf ask the kasha of my lememra even on abaye because it seems as the way the rashba and the ramban learn that the first and last case of the mishna in nedarim are the same and there is no chiddush

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Netanel Kahn, Canada

The Kollel replies:

הרשב"א כתב שהנכון דגרסינן לשבועה לא אוכל לך ופירושו לשבועה יהא לפיכך לא אוכל לך עכ"ל ולפי זה לא שייך להקשות על זה אי הכי מאי למימרא כי מאחר שתניא בברייתא לשבועה לא אוכל לך אינו פשוט שהכוונה לשבועה יהא לפיכך לא אוכל לך" וזה גופא חידוש שזה הפירוש של המילים לשבועה לא אוכל לך משא"כ על רב אשי לקמן כ. שתני שבועה שאי אוכל לך זה פשוט ש"שאי אוכל לך" הוא שוה לגמרי ל"שלא אוכל לך" לכן הגמרא' לקמן הקשתה על רב אשי אי הכי מאי למימרא

חודש טוב

דוד בלום

According to the Rashba, the Girsa is "li'Shevu'ah Lo Ochel Lecha" and it means that "a Shevu'ah exists; therefore I will not eat of your food." However, the Gemara on 20a could not ask on this that it is simple and there is no Chidush, because it is not at all simple that the above is the meaning of "li'Shevu'ah Lo Ochel Lecha," since it is by no means the literal translation. This is not similar to what the Gemara on 20a asks on Rav Ashi, who said that the Beraisa said, "she'Iy Ochel Lecha," because there is obviously no difference between this and between "she'Lo Ochel Lecha."

Kol Tuv,

Dovid Bloom