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1. Alef-Lamed-Heh a Shevuah 2. DH 3. כל הטפל לשם

Daniel Gray asks:

end of 35b asks how Rabnonon know Alef-Lamed-Heh is a shevua. Why didn't the gmara answer from Nedarim 65a that brings the pasuk from this week's sedrah where Moshe made a shevua to Yisro - Vayoel (Alef-Lamed)

Daniel Gray, TORONTO

The Kollel replies:

Sholom Rav

Note that the Gemara in Nedarim that you quote refers to the same Pasuk in Yechezkel that the Gemara in Shevu'os cites as the source that Alah is a Shevu'ah.

This is because the Pasuk in Sh'mos per se, has no connotation of Shevu'ah, and it is only because of the Pasuk in Yechezkel that we know that it is.

Be'Virchas Kol Tuv,

Eliezer Chrysler