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shlomie katz asked:

The gemarah says by walking in backwards by bais HAMNNUGAH you are tomie because it is not woth then KAILEM.

Question ?

The gemarah in Brachos says that if a person walks in a BAIS HAMNUGA he is tomie but the clothing is not tomie right away. There is a certain shiur. My question is since this gemarah says that by walking in backwards is like KAILIM so if you walk in backwards are you TOMIE right away or do you have a shiur like KAILEM

shlomie katz, brooklyn

The Kollel replies:

He becomes Tamei right away.

(1) The reason is that the Gemara in Berachos 41a (that you cited) distinguishes between two different kinds of Kelim:

(a) Kelim that he is carrying on his shoulder or holding in his hand. These become Tamei immediately.

(b) Kelim that he is wearing. It is only this type of Kelim which become Tamei only when he remains in the Bayis ha'Menuga long enough to eat half a loaf of wheat bread.

(2) Rashi in Berachos (41a, DH b'Bayis ha'Menuga) explains that if a person is carrying his clothes and not wearing them in the normal way, they are not considered "his clothes," and it follows that the special law of the Torah -- that the clothes become Tamei only once he has waited enough time to eat in the house -- does not apply.

(3) It is clear that when Rava stated in Shevuos 17b that the person who totally entered the Bayis ha'Menuga backwards is no worse than the Kelim that were in the house from the start and that are obviously Tamei even though they never "came" into the house, Rava must be referring to Kelim that the person was not wearing. This is because these Kelim were there right from the beginning (before the person entered), as Rashi (17b, DH mi'Kelim) writes. It follows that the Kelim mentioned in Shevuos 17b do not possess the status of Begadim as far as Berachos 41a is concerned, because in Berachos 41a they are only considered Begadim when one is actually wearing them.

Kol Tuv,

Dovid Bloom