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Pinchas Stern asked:

Rashi makes the comment on using a Pincer(Rithini)that it destroys but it is not Derech Giluach. What does Rashi Derech Giluch? Is it that it pulls out the hair does not cut the hair or does it mean that is not the normal way of taking a haircut or shaving or both?

Pinchas Stern, Haifa Israel

The Kollel replies:

Since it is not the normal manner of Gilu'ach, therefore it is not included in the verse which describes the Isur of Gilu'ach for Kohanim (where the word "Gilu'ach" is used). Therefore it is also not included in the Isur of "Lo Sashchis." (Nazir 40b)

D. Zupnik

Pinchas Stern asks:

The question is a technical question of what does Gilou'ach mean. Is the physical cutting of the hair or does it refer acts of haircuts and shaving or both. Please use only english words. The answer does not answer the question.

Pinchas Stern

The Kollel replies:

From Rashi's definition of "Rehitni" in Kidushin 35b it seems clear that Gilu'ach refers to *cutting* hair with a tool that is *normally used* for cutting the hair. Therefore it would include either cutting the hair with a razor or with scissors, but not with a carpenter's plane. (See also Tosfos Ta'anis 13a DH Hichbid, who writes that using a razor in an abnormal way is not considered "Derech Gilu'ach" either.)

M. Kornfeld