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Yonasan Gavant asked:

Hi and thankyou very much for all that you do! I use the insights all the time! I just have a quick question...I was going through the insights to Makos 13b (written by Y. Montrose I believe) and it quotes 4 mehalchim as to why teshuvah doesn't take off Misas Beis Din. The last pshat is from the the Aruch L'ner and Chemdas Yisrael. Where is the pshat located in those sefarim? And how did you know about them? Thanks for you time.


Yonasan Gavant, Baltimore, MD, USA

The Kollel replies:

The Aruch la'Ner is on 11b, DH "she'Yigmor Dino l'Zechus". The Otzar Mefarshei ha'Talmud (11b, footnote 63) notes that the Chemdas Yisrael is in Kuntras Ner Mitzvah pg. 105b. I honestly do not recall how I got to the Aruch la'Ner (through the Otzar Mefarshei ha'Talmud or the Aruch la'Ner itself), but I'm pretty sure I knew the Chemdas Yisrael from the Otzar Mefarshei ha'Talmud.

Kol Tuv,

Yaakov Montrose