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jeff last asks:

Where in Sanhedrin does it talk about the machlokes about whether Yemos Hamoshiach will be natural or supernatural. does it also talk about it in other places in shas? Thanks

The Kollel replies:

1. In Sanhedrin 91b, the Gemara cites Shmuel who says that the only difference between this world and Yemos ha'Mashiach is that in Yemos ha'Mashiach there will be no "Shibud Galiyos" -- the Jewish people will not be in exile and the nations of the world will not oppress them. However, other opinions cited there maintain that there will be supernatural phenomena in Yemos ha'Mashiach.

2. Shmuel is also cited in Sanhedrin 99a, and there are dissenting opinions there, too.

3. This opinion of Shmuel is also mentioned in Shabbos 63a and 151b. The Gemara in Berachos 34b and Pesachim 68a also cites this Machlokes.

4. See also the Rambam, Hilchos Melachim 12:1, who writes that one should not think that in Yemos ha'Mashiach any physical changes will occur. However, the Ra'avad there challenges this assertion because the Torah says, "And I will destroy bad animals from the land..." (Vayikra 26:6).

B'Hatzlacha Rabah,

Dovid Bloom

David Cohen writes:

Rav Yehuda Petaya, a saintly mekubal from Yerushalayim, wrote in Minchat Yehuda that the yomot hamoshiach will finish before the 1000 years begins, And if we have been distressed for 2ooo years, will need a similar 2000 Years of joy, samchenu kimois inisono, before the 1000 yrs begins. He said Since the years of moshiach were not exact chazal did not mention this Possibility of giving an exact figure.