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Mark asked:

Toras Kohanim says that LeHaznota - to Prostitute your daughter - is to hand her over for "unmarried intercourse". It sights Sanhedrin Page 76a, but Sanhedrin 76a speaks of this as one who gives his daughter over to an old man. How is this reconciled, and what does the Toras Kohanim say in Perek 7:1?


Mark, New York, New York

The Kollel replies:

Dear Mark,

Hello there and thanks for your question. The Gemara you mention first quotes the Toras Kohanim. Further on it explains that the Torah could have written "Al Tachel" instead of "Al Techalel". The extra letter teaches us also the Din of Rav Mani, not to marry her off to an old man (while according to Avu'ah d'Rebbi Avin, it teaches us that one may not have relations with one's daughter even though she was born out of wedlock).

The Toras Kohanim (7:1,2) you mention is fully quoted in the Gemara Sanhedrin 76a.

All the best.

Y. Landy