David Kastor asked:


(Rav): (Testimony of) different admissions join (if 'Reuven admitted to Shimon 'I owe you' in front of Ploni', and later admitted in front of Almoni);

4. (Testimony of) an admission joins (testimony of one witness who saw) a loan *before* the admission;

5. (Testimony of) different loans do not join, nor does an admission join a loan *after* the admission.

I don't understand above. Can you clarify this to me?


David Kastor, Baltimore, USA

The Kollel replies:

Where both witnesses testity on the same monetary obligation, we may join the two testimonies together, and hence we have two witnesses on the same obligation. However, where each witness testifies on a different obligation we cannot join the two testimonies together and therefore we only have one witness for each obligation.

Dov Freedman