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Bergman, Mark asks:


The Sugya of Sanhedrin 17b says that Kollil (fully burnt) is a chumra of Korban Olah, then later says that Shti Achilos (mizbeach + human) is a chumra of other korbanos.

Which is more chomur? All burnt or shared?

Meir Eliezer Bergman

Manchester UK

The Kollel replies:

The Sugya you mention is actually in Makos 17b. The key word here is "Aderabah" -- "on the contrary." The same concept appears in Pesachim 77b. The Gemara does not know which Chumra is greater, and therefore if one would claim that Olah is greater and cannot be learned from other Korbanos because it is burned, one could contend that, on the contrary, they are greater because they are eaten by everyone and thus we could derive Olah from them, and vice versa if Olah is greater than the others. In any case, one of the derivations would then be superfluous and Rebbi Shimon's Derashah is flawed.

Yoel Domb