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Dov Ber asked:

The Gemara 15b says that we learn that an ox that approaches Har Sinai need 23 dayanim from a hekesh to Man that needs 23. From where do we know that Man needs 23 dayanim at Har Sinai? Rashi says that they already had sanhedrins from Yisro and on. But Rashi in Parshas Yisro says that Yisros suggestions from judges came only after Yom Kippur, long after Ma'amad Har Sinai? What does Rashi mean?

Dov Ber

The Kollel replies:

Margoliyos Hayam brings those who answer that according to the Gemara in Ta'anis 21b the Shechinah did not leave Har Sinai until after the second set of Luchos were given. Therefore the Halachah of Shor Sinai applied even after Yom Kipur.

D. Zupnik