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Stephen asked:

Gemara: The Gemara has a dispute between Rava and Rav Nachman if the sanctity is valid(R. Nachman) or the whole leap year is now nullified(Rava)."

Backround: We explained (12b) R' Shimon's reasoning for why Chizkiya asked for forgiveness as follows: He intercalated an extra Adar(i.e. he made a leap year) on the 30th day of Adar, and he made a mistake because Shmuel stated that you may not establish a leap year on the 30th of Adar (bec. of "since it is fit to be Nissan...")

Question: How could Rav Nachman say that when the leap year (Adar2) is established on Adar 30th that its sanctity of stands and is valid? Why, then, does the scripture state (Divrei Hayamim 2, quoted at top of 12b) that "They ate the Pascal Lamb not as it is stated in scripture"? If according to Rav Nachman the second Adar is valid then when Passover came that year it was truly Passover and the nation ate the Pascal Lamb properly in it's proper time?

If my question is not clear please write me back and I will try to clarify. I am eagerly waiting for an answer. Please don't tell me that R' Nachman doesn't hold of R'Shimon's reasoning for Chizkiyah asking forgiveness.(i.e. that he is of the opinon like R'Shimon the son of Yehudah in the name of R'Shimon)



Stephen, Hialeah, FL

The Kollel replies:

The Maharsha asks your question. He answers that according to Rav Nachman we must explain as Rashi did at the top of the page, that Chizkiyah added a month after they had already been Mekadesh Nisan.

However, Kesef Mishneh (Hilchos Bi'as Mikdash 4:18) writes that although b'Di'avad Nisan is indeed Mekudash, he still had to ask forgiveness since l'Chatchilah they should have eaten the Pesach earlier.

D. Zupnik