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Efraim Goldstein asked:

(a) Please clarify the status of a chalal with regards to his status as a kohen. First - Kohen that was mechalel es atzmo.. married a gerusha for example, is the kedusha kehuna still in force such as tumas mes, matnos kehuna, kadimus and so on.

(b) Second - a ben kohen from a gerusha.. same aa above.

with great appreciation for your work,

thank you again

Efraim Goldstein, Holliswod, NY USA

The Kollel replies:

(a) A Kohen who lives with a Gerushah or another woman to whom he is prohibited does not lose his status and remains a full-fledged Kohen. (Kidushin 77, Rambam Isurei Bi'ah 19:1).

(b) The son of a Gerushah from a Kohen, on the other hand, is indeed a Chalal (ibid.). A Chalal has no Kedushas Kehunah and is like a Zar, a non-Kohen, for all practical matters (Rambam ibid. 19:10, Rashi Pesachim 72b DH Ben Gerushah).

He therefore may be Metamei to a Mes (as in our Gemara), is prohibited to eat Terumah and Kodshim that a Zar may not eat (see Terumos 8:1), and does not have Kedimah over a non-Kohen in any matter -- even as far as Aliyos to the Torah (Gitin 59b; Minchas Chinuch Mitzvah #269).

Best wishes,

M. Kornfeld