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SG asked:

The gemorah says that if a navi is a muchzak, then you don't need a sign that he is a navi. One of the proofs that the gemorah brings is from the akeidah.Yitzchok did not need a sign to do what Avrohom said because Avrohom was muchzak as a Navi.

However, before when the gemorah talks about withholding a prophecy, the gemorah says the way we would know, is because other neviim had the same prophecy. So my question is what kind of proof, about the requirement of a sign, is it from Yitzchok? Yitzchok was also a navi! So maybe the reason why he didn't need to ask for a sign from Avrohom was because he had the same prophecy? So maybe you really can't prove this from the akeida?

SG, Brooklyn, NY

The Kollel replies:

This that other Nevi'im have the same prophecy applies only to a prophecy that is intended to be said over. It is also by these prophecies that there is a law of "Kovesh Neva'so." In contrast, the Nevu'ah to Avraham was a personal one.

In addition, it is clear from the question of "Ayeh ha'Seh" that Yitzchak was unaware at that point.

D. Zupnik