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S.G. asked:

Dear Daf Yomi Kollel,

On Daf 77 Umud 1, there is a machlokes between Ravina and Rav Acha bar Rav if someone put someones animal in a place where the sun is beating hard - and it dies due to the heat - so Ravina says Chayav and Rav Acha bar Rav says Potur. So Rashi over there in DH Rav Acha Poter says that the reason is because it's a grama and grama benizikin is potur. In the next line Rav Mesharsha says the reason why it's potur by nezikin is because of special posuk. My question is acc to Rashi who says because of grama, why do I need a special posuk?


S.G., Brooklyn, NY

The Kollel replies:

Rashi is explaining why Ravina needs to learn this from a Kal v'Chomer -- if it was not a Grama, then clearly the Mazik would be Chayav. However, although ostensibly the case of "Metzamtzem" would be considered a Grama, there is a Ribuy to be Mechayev in a case of Rotze'ach, and a Kal v'Chomer to be Mechayev the Mazik. Therefore, Rav Mesharsheya cites a Mi'ut, so that we should not learn the Din of Mazik from the Din of Rotze'ach.

D. Zupnik