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Shaun Case asked:

In reference to your web site:

Can you give me the date of the this text, especially the section referring to "keis"?? I have noted that many people misinterpret the statement, "Ki Yad al Keis Kah", because they do not know about Sanhedrin 20b. I wish to be able to tell them the date of this finding.

I am referring to the date of Rebbe Yossi's statement in the Sanhedrin finding, 20b. I assume that this was several, at least 2, thousand years ago, yes? (Or was this more recent?)

Or, actually, perhaps I am confused...(I assumed that Rebbe Yossi was a member of the Sanhedrin for the finding numbered 20b...but I see now that perhaps Rebbe Yossi has added commentary to that finding, sometime later.)

My understanding is that Sanhedrin 20b explains that the phrase "Ki Yad al Keis Kah" is talking about the King of Israel, with reference to the word "Keis". My question, then, is when was this section of 20b written, where this finding was established by the Sanhedrin? (Do you know an approximate date?)

I apologize for my ignorance on this subject, if that date should be obvious to me. I am still learning about these subjects.

Thank you!


The Kollel replies:

Rebbe Yosi lived after the Sanhedrin stopped functioning as ruling body. He was a student of R. Akiva and as such lived approximately in the year 140 C.E.

Be well