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dovid asked:

open mishnah in sanhedrin says a person can kill someone for example if hes going to kill someone or rape a narrah hameurasah. rashi says its to save him, the chaser from an aveirah of retzichah.. y are u allowed to kill him and be mechallel shbs on shabbos if hes only going to rape a girl and not kill her. please explain answer to me

dovid, brooklyn ny 11235

The Kollel replies:

The same way the Torah allows us to kill him in order to save the woman's life, so too it allows us to kill him on Shabbos if he is raping her. Actually, there is an opinion in the Gemara that says that the reason we kill the Rodef is because we fear that the woman will give up her life. However, even according to the other opinion it is permissible to kill him on Shabbos.

D. Zupnik