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Dovid Berger asks:

vereish lokish muy taamo loy omar kerabi yochonon? I don't understand the question: if he thinks that there in no chatos at all on yidoyni,even when done alone, he obviously can't explain like R.Y. that it's not listed because there is one korbon only when oyv veyidoyni are done beheelem echod, meaning that if done alone, yidoyni brings a korbon.

Dovid Berger, paris, france

The Kollel replies:

Sholom Rav,

Let's begin with the assumption that, when Resh Lakish says that Yid'oni does not contain a Ma'aseh, it is (not from a S'vara, but) in order to answer the Gemara's initial question from K'risus.

That being the case, the Gemara is now asking why he cannot answer the question like Rebbi Yochanan, in which case he will be able to hold that Yid'oni does contain a Ma'aseh, like Rebbi Yochanan.

Wishing you and yours a Kesivah va'Chasimah Tovah and Kol Tuv,

Eliezer Chrysler