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Jared asked (in Hebrew):

1.Haw do r'abbo and raba learn the 2 frases in the mishnah: Diney memuna by 3, Gzelot and hovalot by 3

2. Why on R' Meir and Sages argue on mozea shem ra - it other in a capital crime case or it isn't?

3. What in Shlihut yad and whatin the lawfor the case

Question, Bronx, NY

The Kollel replies:

1. Rebbi Avahu learns that the second phrase is an explanation of the first,

Dinei Mamon *which include* Gezeilos, etc.

2. The Gemara on 8a explains that the case is not a capital case, but it

could develop into a capital case. The question is whether it is better to have the 23

in the beginning and not have to reconvene.

3. A Shomer who uses for his own purposes an object that was given to him for safekeeeping is

then responsible for the object, even for Ones.

D. Zupnilk