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1. Harvey Benton asked:

please see below an excerpt from your site:

f) The RAMBAM (Hilchos Tefilah 13:6) writes that "it is permitted to read the last eight verses of the Torah in the Beis ha'Keneses without a Minyan. Even though it is all part of the Torah written by Moshe as he heard it from Hash-m, nevertheless since these verses discuss the time after the death of Moshe, they are to be treated differently. Therefore, it is permitted for a Yachid (without a Minyan) to read them." The KESEF MISHNEH explains that the Rambam understands that "Yachid Korei Osan" means that it is permitted for a Yachid, a person without a Minyan, to read these verses from the Sefer Torah, in contrast to all other parts of the Torah, which one may not read from the Sefer Torah without a Minyan.

Is it true as the kesef mishna writes that one cannot read from a sefer torah without a minyan (in shul), or is it that one cannot read from a sefer torah while making a bracha? (i beleive the distinction is important in understanding the kesef mishna) it is my understanding that anyone can open a sefer torah at any time, and read from it....(without a bracha of course)


2. The Kollel replies:

If the Kesef Mishnah says that (here on this Din he doesn't make such a statement) it is clear that he is only speaking about reading from the Sefer Torah with a Berachah, and that reading from a Sefer Torah without a Berachah is perfectly permissible for an individual.

As proof of this see the Rosh (Halachos Ketanos, Hilchos Sefer Torah, 1) who says that we no longer use Sifrei Torah for our Torah learning (and therefore, either there is no obligation to write a Sefer Torah or there is also an obligation to print or buy the Sefarim that we do learn from such as Gemaras and Shulchan Aruch's), implying that there was a time when people routinely learned Torah from a Sefer Torah and didn't just use it for the formal Krias haTorah in shul. In fact, it is brought down that the AR"I haKadosh would use a Sefer Torah every Erev Shabbos to review the Parshah (Shenaim Mikrah v'Echad Targum).

Kol Tuv,

Yonasan Sigler

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