Chaim Marenberg-Friedman asked:

Rebi Mordecai

I know that i was wrong on "studying" alone but I have to continue doing a tikkun ha'chochma... and you are helping.

1) Does the membership affiliation last at the final of the goyshn calendar?. I received your Chanuka's CD. Many thanks!.

2)The Gemara on Baba batra 110 A says that the Yonatan the grand-son of Moshe Rabeinu lived in the times of David Ha'Melech, and it seems that firstly without intention did Avodah Zarah. After that it seems that Chachamim asked him why he was doing that and and it seems he thoughts that the meaning of Avodah Zarah was working in something that was foreign to him.

When David Ha'Melech saw how much Yonatan liked money, he appointed him over the treasuries and he returned to H'.(made Teshuva- Tashuv- Hei). I heard an audio over this daf, where RaSHBaM said that after returning to H', he began again to do avodah zarah.

I must recognize how sincere were chazal on telling us about the situation of the grand-son of...""Moshe Rabeinu!! Do you imagine the situation? 40 years traveling through a desert, after that their own ancestors entered to the land of Yisrael, until the tradition arrived to him approximately 396 years since their entered to the Land.He knew about Moshe Rabeinu(from his own family), and who was, the greatest prophet on Yisrael and what H' did through him. (miracles). What happened with him?.How could he arrive to such situation ANOTHER TIME?.He knew about H' Elokei Yisrael.

Have a nice day.


The Kollel replies:

Sorry, I apologize for the delay. I have been busy recently.

1. Yes, your membership is until Rosh Hashanah 5771.

2. Yonasan only worked for the money, and he thought that this was allowed. His heart was with Hash-m the entire time, and he used his position to try to discourage idol-worship (as Rashbam explains).

Best wishes,

Mordecai Kornfeld