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Rafi Goldmeier asked:

Due to having recently learned the issues of ribbis and heter iska in daf yomi, our shiur came across the heter iska clali of the maharam of lublin. This is to cover any situation where in daily business you do not realize ribis is involved. Is it recommended for every person to fill out such a heter iska?

Thank you,

Rafi Goldmeier

Rabbi Feinhandler replies:

If a person is not versed in the laws of ribis then it is a good idea to fill out a general heter iska to cover himself.

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Joel Schnur writes:

how can we get a copy of this hter iska clalli?

The Kollel replies:

Every organization puts out their own. Rav Sternbuch's (Badatz Edah Charedis) can be found in his Sefer on the subject, Ta'am Ribis. We can scan it and send you a copy if you would like. Or you can ask your Local Orthodox Rabbi for the one of his choice.

Mordecai Kornfeld