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shusty asked:

Thank you very much for the chart on the shomrim One question - Why is a Shomer Chinam patur for Misah Machmas Melachah? It is Shlichus Yad and is Chayav

The Kollel replies:

You are absolutely right. The term "Misah Machmas Melachah" is used to denote death of the animal within acceptable usage. The ARUCH HASHULCHAN (C.M. 291:5) says that in the case of the Shomer Chinam there is no acceptable usage, and therefore the Shomer Chinam is Chayev. The mistake probably happened because the term Misah Machmas Melachah was confused with Meishah k'Darkah, which is in fact an Ones, not Misah Machmas Melachah.

Thank you very much for your alertness,

Yaakov Montrose