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elozer kanner asked:

dear rabbi kornfeld shlita,

the gemara says that when a finder says he found coins or documents and the loser proves that they belong to him by the actual number of coins or documents it only is a good siman if the actual number is three or more however if the number is two then that is not a good siman because miyit rabim shnayim and the finder already used a lashon rabim.

I don't understand, if i say that i found x number of coins and i dont tell you how many why isn't two just as good an indication that i am the true owner as three or four.miyit rabim shnayim is only when you say coins and if you dont indicate a number i am forced to assume that you meant two but when you say i found x number of coins two is not a more probable guess than three or four

elozer kanner

The Kollel replies:

When Rashi explains with "Miyut Rabim Shnayim," he does not mean to say that the number two is more likely than three mathematically, but rather that people do not usually lose large amounts of things. Therefore the most likely guess of any dishonest person will be two of whatever item is lost, as that is the lowest possible amount. (This explanation is implied by the Ritva.)

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose