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ruben asked:

as the gemara says if mishelo he eats he may give to it to his family. but as we learned before even the worker may not eat if he is not working in the same plant. so how can his wife eat if she is not working at all?

ruben, argentina

The Kollel replies:

What the Gemara says is that the worker may not take fruit if he is not working in the same plant. That is, since the Torah does not allow him to eat from another plant, it is Gezel if he takes from another plant. The problem is with the taking , not with the eating per se.

If the worker takes, however, from the plant that he is working on, it is his (if Mishelo Ho Ochel), and it is not the landowner's any more. Once it is his, he may do with his objects what he wishes; either give it to his wife or eat it himself (see Rashi DH Amai). It would seem logical, though, that he can only take and give others as much as he would have eaten himself, and not more.

M. Kornfeld