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Michael Salzbank asked:


Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the Daf...

I have one question... forgive that it is not on the Inyan...

I am doing research for my son's Pshetl for Parshas Mishpatim. On the Pasuk of "Im Kesef Talveh Es Ami".. The Rambam qutoes the Pasuk in Hilchos Malveh/Loveh that there is a mitzvah to make a loan to an Ani, but omits loaning to an Ashir (which is in the Gemorah and M'chilta) The Rambam also omits the order of preference which also includes the Ashir... The Nosei Keylim on the spot point this out,... but I am looking for more on why the Rambam omits these Halachos...

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Thank you

Michael Salzbank

The Kollel replies:

See Chafetz Chaim in Sefer Ahavas Chesed, 1:6, Nesiv ha'Chesed #3, who differentiates between an Ashir who is in distress and another Ashir.

See also Rav Yerucham Fishel Perlow's commentary on Sefer ha'Mitzvos of Rav Sa'adyah Gaon, Mitzvos Aseh, p. 330. See also Rav Iser Zalman Meltzer (in Even ha'Azel) on the Rambam, who asserts that the Halachah to lend to an Ashir is a Machlokes Tana'im.

Dov Zupnik