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Natanel Sore asked:

what is a shtar adrachta, and a shtar achrazta? i understand the concept, but not the in depth difference beween them

thank you

Natanel Sore, Toronto Canada

The Kollel replies:

(1) Shtar Adrachta is a document in which Beis Din affirms that the creditor is entitled to take possession of the estate of the debtor (or part of it as applicable) in order to claim his debt.

(2) Achrazta refers to the public announcement by Beis Din of the fact that a specific piece of the estate of the debtor is available for sale in order that the creditor can receive cash for his debt. This would take place after the debtor has received his Shtar Adrachta and has subsequently found a piece of estate from which his debt is collectable.

(3) Shtar Achrazta is a document in which Beis Din affirms that the relevant part of the debtor's estate was sold to the highest bidder after the process of Achrazta had been correctly carried out.

Dov Freedman