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Aryeh asked:

What are some interesting commentaries on this section of the daf? "Ve-asitah heishar ve-hatov" creates a rabbinical debate, what is this debate? Please help if you have time.

thank you,

Aryeh, montreal, quebec

The Kollel replies:

There is an argument among the Rishonim regarding the nature of the borrower's regaining of his property. Is it a new sale that is forced upon the lender (see Ramban 16b), or is it a nullification of the lender's possessing the land (Ran 16b)? Does this ability to nullify the lender's possession of the land only apply to people who bought land from the borrower as well, or only to the borrower himself (see Shulchan Aruch and Rema 103:9)?

As far as some insights on the Rabbinic debate regarding this Pasuk, it seems that everyone agrees that the Torah is setting forth a principle to do acts that are "straight and good." The question is merely how much to apply this principle in any given case. This seems to be the argument in our Gemara.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose