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Eliyahu Weill asks:

If a cow from Reuven goes to the field from Shimon takes food there and goes to the field to Levi what's the Din?

Eliyahu Weill, Antwerp, Belgium

The Kollel replies:

Dear Eliyahu,

In your specific case the Shulchan Aruch 391:7 says openly that the owner is free from paying damage since it's not in the Nizek's field (only he pays what he profits from the "free meal")

However in 391:12 the Din of Amir HaMisgalgel of Bavakama 20a is brought down. There are various waysto explain how this co-exists with 391:7 (such as explaining that an animal half -in and half-out is not the same as when the animal moves and takes the food with it) ( More is discussed at length in the S'ma and in the Biur HaGra on the Shulchan Aruch there.)

All the best, Reuven Weiner

Eliyahu Weill asks:

why rashi doesn't say that?

The Kollel replies:

Tosfos says that there is a problem between the Gemara on 20a the way Rashi explains it and the Gemara on 23a. The Bi'ur Ha'Gra (391:24) resolves that question by saying that Rashi learns the Gemara on 23a like the Ramah (Rabeinu Meir Ha'Levi). See there at length.

Reuven Weiner