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Yosi G. asked:

Rashi D"H Hevver- Rashi brings down the source posuk of Ki Seitzei Eish. Why doesn't Rashi mention any source p'sukim for any of the other AVOS?

yosi g, brooklyn, ny, USA

The Kollel replies:

It may be a practical issue. Bringing a Pasuk for Shor and Maveh would have meant going into the Machlokes of Rav and Shmuel which Rashi avoids. Bor did not need the Pasuk nor explanation, for the Mishnah uses the Lashon of the Pasuk, "Bor." Only Esh, where the Mishnah changes from the Lashon of the Torah, needs a Pasuk. It could be that the Lashon of Hever implies an Esh which is Yotzei rather than one which is stationary. The Mishnah is not speaking about a stationary Esh.

D. Zupnik