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Shmuel Samel asked:

In maseches psachim there is a sugya of "zugos" around daf kufyud, pairs are bad. my understanding of this is because we believe in ONE hashem and hashkofically pairs apose this belief and leads to danger/badness.Can you explain the same concept to todays daf were a slave gets his ear peirced he uses a "double" lashon "amor yeamor" he hashkofically is choosing to be his masters slave instead of being only hashems slave and that is the reason for the double lashon?

Shmuel Samel, Highland Park, NJ USA

The Kollel replies:

Not every double statement is bad. We go out of our way to "double" the verses of Hallel (Sukah 38a). The requirement of "Amor Ye'amer" is to show that he really means it, and has thought about it well.

Be well,

Mordecai Kornfeld